Inspiration – Assortment of Vintage Paper

By September 14, 2017color, Public Domain Aspire Blog

Vintage Textile & Paper Designs

Design – Paper – Decorative design, modernish
Deutsche kunst und dekoration. 1899.

Design – Paper – Marbleized Orange (1)
Bright orange marbleized from Lepidoptera Indica v.2 1890. Liner page; marbleized orange.

Design – Paper – Marbleized Orange (2)

Vintage 19th c. marbled paper, Shell pattern. From UW: “This pattern’s creation dates back to sometime near the end of the 18th century in France. This pattern is created in a similar way to a Turkish pattern. Once the desired colors have been chosen they can be sprinkled onto the bath. Whichever of those colors is picked to be the final color dropped or at least the most dominate color to be included is the one which would be mixed with oil before being sprinkled onto the bath. The addition of the oil in the color causes the characteristic white outline to appear and the pigment to become darker towards the center of the drop. The primary colors for this example are orange, black and blue.

Design – Paper – Marbleized Red (3) Aspire Blog

Design – Paper – Marbleized orange and pink

Public Domain photo of paper/textile courtesy of

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